adorexmindless answered: he left…he said he couldnt be recognized as an artist and left. He is doing his own thing now

Answer me this

Does anyone truly know what happened with Prodigy? If he didn’t leave on his own volition then this replacement is shady. If he wanted to leave MB, then it makes more sense.

I don’t trust the music industry or record labels, it’s big business and they will do anything for money including kicking out a member of a group. 

So which one is it? What happened with Prodigy?

Anonymous asked: Can you make me a gifs please

of what? 

Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOUR PAGE:D

thank you :)

Anonymous asked: Yo who's your fav!!?!?!

princeton. no doubt. lol

heaven-blush asked: Your blog is perfect, I go on and it takes forever for me to pull myself off my phone /-\

thank you!



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Their laughs… <3

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Princeton + Ray

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